IdentiGEN Ltd. today announced the successful development of a novel SNP genotyping assay chemistry that confers major advantages over the market leading alternatives.

“IdentiSNP has been developed to ensure that we can offer our customers the most competitive low-density SNP genotyping solutions globally” said Ciaran Meghen, founder and Managing Director.

The new assay chemistry, for which patents have been filed, has been delivering transformational improvements in DNA sample analysis since it was put into production testing earlier this year.

In particular the technology can reduce the cost of data interpretation by more than 60%, as IdentiSNP is a single read end-point assay. The experience within IdentiGEN’s own laboratories has been a dramatic reduction in the overall cost of generating SNP genotypes.

The new SNP genotyping chemistry has been validated on multiple instrument platforms including Douglas Scientific, LGC, Fluidigm and ThermoFisher systems.

Meghen said: “IdentiSNP is robust across a wide range of assay volumes, SNP designs and genomic templates and offers a clear alternative to the established fluorescence based genotyping assays.”

While driven by IdentiGEN’s internal ambitions to reduce genotyping costs, opportunities to commercialise the product are now being actively pursued.

Significant volumes of low density SNP genotyping take place across diverse segments of the global biotechnology and life science arena. The plant and animal breeding industry, offers an established and growing market for high volume SNP genotyping.

Mr Meghen continued, “While this technology has transformed our internal cost base and will support our continued growth and development in the area of animal and meat product identification in particular, the opportunity to promote our new formulation to a wider user base is an exciting development for our business”.

Acknowledging the need for a dedicated product team IdentiGEN has recruited experienced molecular biologists and product managers to ensure its clients achieve early success.

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